LIGEO™ was founded in 2013 in Germany. The vision was to create a simple, flexible and sustainable lighting system that would revolutionize the way we approach lighting in the built environment. Their core values of integrity and collaboration have served as the guiding principals in building the internationally acclaimed brand that the company is today.

With LIGEO™ designers finally have a lighting solution that is as boundless as their creativity. LIGEO™ products are bright and beautiful, with plenty of lumen output for general illumination and a variety of finishes to suit any color pallet. The LIGEO™ system embodies the superlative design, reliability and quality commensurate with German manufacturing. Our team is proud to serve our customers by delivering a truly special product that is as bright as their ideas.

Wamco, Inc. is a trusted and leading provider of lighting solutions to aerospace, automotive, film & studio, and industrial electronics markets globally.

Wamco was established in 1968 as a U.S. supplier of high reliability lighting to the Aerospace market. Over the past 55+ years, Wamco’s ingenuity and forward-thinking vision steadily brought the company much deserved growth and in the early 1990’s Wamco began offering LED solutions to multiple market segments.

Wamco excels by constantly engineering and expanding its LED product portfolio to meet the unique needs of each market and individual client.

Today, Wamco serves its customers with offices in Asia and North America (HQ). Wamco’s innovative ideas and designs makes us a highly valuable resource in solving difficult lighting and optoelectronic challenges. Our reputation for high quality is based on understanding lighting technologies, unique applications, and most importantly the specific needs of each customer. Our expertise and history have made Wamco the trusted lighting solutions partner.

Matthew Paiz, Sales Manager for Wamco states,

“Supporting the LIGEO™ brand product line as the exclusive US sales agent and master distributor is a natural fit for Wamco. It will expand the standard product’s adoption into multiple markets while giving us a versatile lighting system which can be customized and adapted for some very exciting, niche applications”.